Million Metres Project

We’ve set a big goal for 2017 – we want to raise enough funds to help Million Metres plant 1,700 trees along NZ’s rivers!

You’ll see our special fundraiser label popping up on our Big Yoghi jars throughout the year, donating 50 cents from each one you purchase to help fund this tree-planting project. We have a lot of respect for Million Metres and what they’re doing. Here’s why riparian (the wetlands beside rivers and streams) planting is important:

Why the need for planting?

1/4 of our forests

Aotearoa has lost almost 3/4 of indigenous forest since the arrival of humans.

68% of ecosystems are threatened

Loss of habitat in NZ has meant that now 68% of indigenous ecosystems are threatened.

90% of lowland* areas un-swimmable

This is due to contamination, which has increased greatly due to intensified dairy farming.

Benefits of Riparian Planting:

1. Habitats for threatened species

Creates a habitat for many threatened native bird and fish species.

2. Helps to filter

Helps to filter pollutants and sediments from agricultural and urban run-off.

3. Helps to prevents erosion & flooding

Stabilises stream banks from erosion and reduces flooding effects by acting as a sponge.

Thanks for helping us make a difference! If you want to get even more involved by volunteering with the tree planting, Million Metres would love to hear from you. Email: