Meet Mr & Mrs Coconut

They love each other, surfing, nature, good food, and of course – coconuts!

When Mr Coconut decided it was time to go dairy-free due to allergies, Mrs Coconut started experimenting in her kitchen with making coconut yoghurt. It took time to get it right (and lots of taste-testing on Mr Coconut’s part!) but soon breakfast became their favourite part of the day.

Mr & Mrs Coconut in Production Mode
Mr & Mrs Coconut

Raglan locals started asking if they could have some too. The crew of coconut-lovers grew and grew.

Before you could say coconut-yoghurt-is-the-best-thing-ever ten times, it began popping up in shop fridges all over New Zealand!

Mr & Mrs Coconut love hearing how much Kiwis enjoy their coconut yoghurt, and are stoked that they can offer people a better alternative to standard yoghurt.

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