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Raglan Coconut Yoghurt 700ml and 400ml Natural

Natural Greek-Style (700ml, 400ml)

In a nutshell:  Winner of the 2015 NZ Gourmet Food Award. This dreamy, creamy coconut yoghurt is made from 100% organic coconuts, and has the tangy taste of greekstyle yoghurt. Dairy-free and packed with probiotics for happy tummies.

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt 700ml Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean (700ml)

In a nutshell:  We’ve paired the taste of natural vanilla bean with our silky smooth coconut yoghurt – your tastebuds are in for a treat. This flavour will bring back memories of summer days and half-melted vanilla ice-creams! Delicious with granola, in smoothie bowls, or dolloped over fresh fruit.

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt 400ml New Zealand Lemon

New Zealand Lemon (400ml)  NEW!

In a nutshell:  With the fresh and indulgent taste of lemon cheesecake, this citrus-packed yoghurt will liven up your tastebuds. Spoon it straight from the jar as a delicious dessert, paired with fruit or alongside your favourite cake for extra creaminess.

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt 400ml Raspberry & Lime

Raspberry & Lime (400ml)  NEW!

In a nutshell:  Fresh & fruity with a zingy after-note, this flavour will amp up your breakfast bowl with plump, juicy raspberries, and zesty New Zealand lime juice. Delicious with granola, fruit or spooned straight from the jar!

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt 400ml Mango

Mango & Turmeric (400ml)

In a nutshell:  Tropical deliciousness of mango combined with India’s golden spice, for a fruity flavour that packs a punch! Try a spoonful on your curry or soup to add a nice creaminess, blend up an island-style smoothie with lots of tropical fruit.

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt 400ml Blackcurrant & Vanilla

Blackcurrant & Vanilla (400ml)

In a nutshell:  Did you know that New Zealand produces some of the world’s best blackcurrants? We’ve put this forgotten fruit back in the spotlight where it belongs, balancing out their natural tartness with a touch of vanilla. Perfect with a slice of something chocolatey, or on your muesli.

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt 400ml Strawberry & Acai

Strawberry & Acai (400ml)

In a nutshell:  We’ve brought beautiful dark purple, slightly tangy acai berries from the Amazonian rainforests into your breakfast with this tasty dairy free yoghurt. Paired with the natural sweetness of juicy strawberries, enjoy this yummy twist on an all-time favourite flavour.

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt is:

gluten-free  Refined sugar-free

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