Guest Speaker: Mrs Coconut

The Raglan Coconut Yoghurt journey has become a remarkable story, and behind the company are two remarkable people, Seb & Tesh. While Seb loves to spend his time solving big problems, finding innovative ways to move the company forward, and of course - surfing big waves, Tesh has a passion for connecting with people and helping others follow their dreams.

Her natural positivity and bubbly personality have lead to many invitations to speak at events around the country, and she has enjoyed sharing her enthusiasm with all sorts of groups ranging from clubs for the elderly to youth leadership programs, women in business events, homeschooling groups, social enterprise change-makers, and school classes.

Tesh has a diverse range of experience and a unique upbringing with never attending school or University. She has a ‘can-do’ approach to life that has seen her start a number of businesses, publish 3 books, become an editor of a travel magazine, run eco-friendly glamping accommodations, become a certified Myers-Briggs coach, and give back through all sorts of creative projects.


Tesh is available to share:

  • The Raglan Coconut Yoghurt story with key insights & learnings tailored for your group, drawn from the experience of building a business starting out in their home kitchen 4 years ago, to a company employing 24 people and distributing yoghurt around the world, using business as a tool for good.
  • The 5 year personal development journey of writing ‘The To-Be List’ which lead to a publishing deal & distribution in the United States and nationwide ranging with Whitcoulls here in New Zealand. Tesh has experienced both sides of publishing; self-publishing a children’s book & working with publishing companies and can offer valuable advice for anyone thinking about writing a book.

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Feedback from past speaking engagements

“A massive thank you for being a part of last night. We’re incredibly grateful for the time you made to share your stories and learnings with our young collective. We’ve had overwhelming positive feedback, with people being really grateful for the vulnerability and authenticity you brought. You smashed the brief, so thank you.”
– Gemma, Seed Collective

“It was a no-brainer to invite Tesh to speak at our inaugural Women of Waikato event in May 2018 so that she could share her inspirational journey in business with our audience of almost 100 people. The feedback I had from the audience was that they loved Tesh’s infectious enthusiasm and her entrepreneurial spirit!”
– Dani, Dynamic Media

“You totally made their day with the yoghurt! (they are from decile 1-3 schools and would not see this type of item in their weekly shop so it was a real novelty for them and a complete delight to have you there inspiring them!). I could tell from their questions, energy and enthusiasm after a full day and hearing you after dinner, they were ecstatic and motivated. Thank you soooooo much! We loved having you at our National Youth Advisory Group camp.”
– Adi, Graham Dingle Foundation

“Thank you for sharing your story with us! We were a room full of rural, working women totally inspired by your passion and commitment to your truth of doing what’s right for people and the planet. You glossed over the incredible success you have had with writing and business ventures, which shows your modest, humble style. You were so down-to-earth (pun intended!), engaging and entertaining and I will be forever grateful that you accepted our invitation to speak.”
– Kylie, Working Women’s Tribe

“Thank you for speaking at our Inspired Exporting event, you had a very refreshing, honest and engaging story to hear! We’ve had great feedback from our varied audience and everyone was quite inspired by how you’ve created a business based on passion and purpose. Thank you again!”
– Joanna, ExportNZ BOP

Booking Mrs Coconut

If you would like to book Tesh for your next event, please fill in some details below. Please note she has a busy schedule and may not be available for all requests.

Travel costs & accommodation (if required) must be covered, plus a speaking fee, to be agreed on with Celebrity Speakers NZ who represent Tesh for speaking engagements. You can email Stefanie direct –, or complete the form below.